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Rollers, Elite E-Motion

R 5,000.00
Stellenbosch, Western Cape
The finest rollers on the market.
Unique E-motion system reacts to rider's movement, absorbing inertia and giving the most natural ride-feel yet, nothing gets close.
Increased stability allows smooth riders to practise much more vigorous riding including out of the saddle sprinting, something almost impossible on conventional rollers.
Rolling bump stops on front roller keep front wheel on the roller during intense sessions.
Adjustable 3-level magnetic resistance for a wide variety of training options and intensities.
Fully encompassing aluminium and thermoplastic frame ensures absolute stability in use.
Improves balance and pedalling technique whilst building core strength.
Parabolic roller drum profile for increased confidence.
Fully sealed bearings for smooth, quiet operation.
Supplied fully assembled.
  • Date listed: 20 September 2019 - 07:59
  • Condition: New
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