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Randburg, Gauteng
I am hoping to convert my existing rear suspension (Fox Evolution CTD) to become a remote adjustable rear shock.
I still have my Twinloc levers (photos) from my old Scott but my rear float is not spring loaded (it’s the blue flick-lever in the photo).
Once you've enjoyed the safety of adjusting your suspension on the fly, it's hard to go back (if you need to adjust during a technical descent this puts you at risk of having an accident).

How can I convert this?
Surely there must be an aftermarket kit for my Fox CTD float with an actuator of sorts?
  • Date listed: 12 July 2018 - 01:21
  • Condition: New
  • Advertiser: ChadM (Private user)
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Comments & questions

Cogent Industries, Jul 12 2018 07:39

The shock needs a remote eyelet and it involves a rebuild to accommodate the remote interface. Can help you with that. Shoot me a pm with your details and will send you a quote.

Ice-Gaint, Jul 12 2018 08:31

Hi there, can you change a Fox Factory CTD (Boosted Valve) convert to a Remote CTD like Chad said so that the front and the Rear can work together and how much would such a Conversion cost ?

Ice-Gaint, Jul 12 2018 08:32

The fox factory shock I was thinking about are on the rear shock the front one are working perfectly