Carbon Clinchers & Disc Brake Hubs

R 13,995.00
cape Town, Western Cape
Strong - Light - Fast
Full 2 year warranty.
UCI Approved
Includes a set of brake pads, titanium skewers, and rim tape.
Genuine military grade Toray Carbon.
EPS (Expanded polystyrene) moulding system creating increased moulding pressure.
Machine wrapped tyre bead for a more precise, strong and balanced rim.
Patented High TG Resin cured before and after moulding at high tempretures, alleviating overheating during braking.
Rigorous impact, braking, tyre pressure, and spoke tension testing.
Patented 6 pawl hub.
Sapim CX Ray as light as titanium bladed aero spokes.
110kg rider weight limit.

36mm - 1380g per set - R13,995.00
50mm - 1445g per set - R14,995.00
60/88m - 1695g per set - R15,995.00
Rear Full Disc Wheel - 1350g - R17,995.00

Center lock disc brake option available, at the same above price.

Free delivery with in RSA

All wheels are full carbon clinchers

Available in white or stealth decals
  • Date listed: 16 September 2019 - 09:18
  • Condition: New
  • Advertiser: Darkhorse Wheels (Dealer / business user)
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Comments & questions

fbasson01, Feb 20 2019 01:07

Hi there,


Do you sell 50mm front wheel only?


If so what is the price?



billygoat0523, Feb 22 2019 05:07

when will the disc brake versions be available?

Darkhorse Wheels, Feb 24 2019 03:29

when will the disc brake versions be available?

We have disc brake version available