Bike Work Stands

R 300.00
Alberton, Brackenhurst, Gauteng
These were made by a friend of mine and are very versatile. Based on an old bike stand concept where the rear wheel is free to spin when necessary.
These are fully collapsible for portability.
  • Date listed: 24 September 2019 - 08:30
  • Condition: New
  • Advertiser: By-Ron (Private user)
  • Advert ID: 354380

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Comments & questions

Jacquers, Mar 26 2019 03:02

Do you have more photos, of the entire stand?

BaGearA, Mar 26 2019 08:14

You might want to make them for Thru axle rather as there are few QR bikes left ( except roadies) and they're getting fewer every year 



and maybe if it can be boost compatible your stands will appeal to many more people :)

By-Ron, Mar 27 2019 07:03

The folding  stand pictured was for a track bike

By putting your own  QR axle in its place one can use the hub QR skewer to lock the front forks in place

Thanks for the comment

Can we sell you one?

I had one comment that only the bottom half of the stand was shown in the pic. Apparently one puts the cursor on the corner of the pic and either enlarges or reduces the size of the pic so as to see the whole thing.... as you must have done

By-Ron, Mar 27 2019 07:09

Sorry you click on the arrows on the top rt hand corner of the pic to reduce size and see the whole stand

Ottoyota, Apr 02 2019 01:39


Good points by BaGearA!

Maybe Google Boost Standard and Through Axle and tweak the design to expand your market.

By-Ron, Apr 02 2019 04:03

Chaps this was a DONATION to raise funds for Qhubeka bikes for kids project.   It is what it is and bloody good it is too.

QUESTION;  are people able to click on the two blue arrows at the top right hand corner of the pic to be able to see the whole thing??

gerryonimo, Jun 24 2019 10:12

Still available? 

By-Ron, Sep 16 2019 08:37

Still available? 

still available

contact  0825703650