New Stark Carbon Clinchers

R 12,900.00
Shipping to anywhere South Africa, International
Stark profile 50 carbon clinchers and profile 38 carbon clinchers on special!

Full carbon clincher with 50mm profile and 38mm profile.
Ultra smooth straightpull hubs with Japanese bearings.
Sapim cx-ray aero spokes plus spare spokes and nipples.
Carbon specific brakepads and titanium super light skewers included.
Weight: 1512g for 50mm and 1432 for 38mm profile.
Shimano freehub
UD satin carbon finish.
2 year warranty

Egon Campbell rode the profile 38mm to victory in the SA vets champs this year!! These wheel role like none other. Since riding Starks I have sold my Enve ses 3.4's as well and have them on all my bikes. I have also previously ridden Campagnolo Boras, Reynolds, Mavic and many more and will never go back!!

Get this special today and never look back!

Additional options:

Profile 60 @ R13900
Profile 50 disk option with dt swiss 350 hubs @ R14500
And with dt swiss 240 hubs @ R16500

  • Date listed: 17 November 2019 - 05:04
  • Condition: New
  • Advertiser: nero123 (Private user)
  • Advert ID: 369685

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Comments & questions

Rider1977, Jul 03 2019 10:00


Is there a place in jhb i can go have a look


nero123, Jul 07 2019 07:48

Hi there, this set is already sold but I will have some stock again in 2 weeks time and can arrange for a view.

W@nted, Sep 14 2019 06:18

Great wheels. Super stiff and rolls forever👌🏻

nero123, Sep 14 2019 10:02

Thanks W@nted!

Ashton Ferreira, Sep 18 2019 11:00

Disc option?

nero123, Sep 18 2019 11:44

Yes I do have a disk option as well but comes with dt swiss 240 or 350 hubs.

robbybzgo, Sep 21 2019 12:55

Vets men (30-39) (2019 Road Results)

1. Gert Fouche 33:57
2. Johann Kruger 35:31
3. Alex Pavlov 35:32
4. Egon Campbell 36:00
5. Bradley Fleming 36:26

robbybzgo, Sep 21 2019 01:03

More info required:

Is a set a 50 & 38 together or are they separate (50's or 38's)


What are the prices - are both sets R12 900 or are the 38's cheaper?


Are there options to order better hubs/spokes?


Do you offer the warranty - are they returned to you if faulty or do we have to return them to the factory (in Asia?)?

What does the warranty cover and who pays for postage?


Do they/you offer a crash policy?


Where can we read some more reviews - I haven't been able to find any apart from your own...

nero123, Sep 22 2019 10:06

Those results were the time trial results robbybzgo. The road race was won by Egon Campbell.

The price is 12900 for both sets of 50mm and 38mm.

The warrentee covers manufacturing defects and will be covered in SA. The spokes are sapim cxray so doubt you will get better but there are options on DT swiss hubs if you want them.

At this stage no official crash replacement policy but will offer discount in the event of a crash.

Busy setting up site so there will be a few reviews from customers.

nero123, Sep 22 2019 10:11


Vets men (30-39) (2019 Road Results)

1. Gert Fouche 33:57
2. Johann Kruger 35:31
3. Alex Pavlov 35:32
4. Egon Campbell 36:00
5. Bradley Fleming 36:26


This was the Time Trial Results


Road results here: