RESTONIC Twenty Four Hour.

Saturday, 19 January 2019


Starting on Friday 21st at 6pm we will host the Restonic Twenty Four Hour MTB race. The race will be for Teams of 2 man... 4 man... 4 member mixed teams and Corporate 10 man team. There will be solo categories for Men and women


New campsite will not be in the car park but will be a change from previous events.


There will be challenges for Corporate Teams and the exciting CYCLE TRADERS CHALLENGE for bike shops. The shop teams must comprise of ONE staff member..Minimum of ONE lady and customers totalling 10 members.


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Wendell, Jun 18 2018 02:23

First 200 entrants to receive a RESTONIC T-shirt... don't delay.

Entries on:


Wendell, Jul 19 2018 07:36

Please note this date change. By popular demand we will you be hosting this GREAT challenge starting on the 22nd September at 6pm. The whole day we will let riders relax and view the exhibits at the The Cycle Traders Extravaganza. You will be able to view and test ride the 2019 models from Merida, Titan and Cannondale. Brands who have confirmed their attendance.


To bring further FUN to this event.. THE BIKE SHOP CHALLENGE.... We invite all bike shops to enter a TEAM. You will not only socialising with your will be able to get their views on the Traders Expo. This is a 10 member team event with 1 staff member and at least 1 lady in your team.


PS... we are preparing a super race village as we traditionally ride through the village....first come first serve..


Wendell, Jul 19 2018 07:40

OH....and the first 200 entering the RESTONIC TWENTY FOUR HOUR will receive a commemorative RESTONIC SHIRT.


The RACE winners in each category will receive a RESTONIC QUEEN SIZE BASE AND MATTRESS.

Dirkitech, Jul 19 2018 07:52

I remember seeing this event before. I'm hoping to be there myself!

Just a direct link to the events page with location etc.:

MTB MIKE C, Jul 19 2018 02:37

Hi Wendell, 


How technical will the circuit be ? Out of 10. Will it be Hard tail safe ?


With regards to the timing, will it be manually recorded each lap or with a timed chip ?


Looking forward to your response.





Dirkitech, Jul 19 2018 03:02

Hi Wendell, 


How technical will the circuit be ? Out of 10. Will it be Hard tail safe ?


With regards to the timing, will it be manually recorded each lap or with a timed chip ?


Looking forward to your response.





If it is on Thaba Trails itself, it should be- I've done most of the routes on a rigid hardtail.

Wendell, Jul 20 2018 02:24

Hello Mike and Dirkitech, Con-try  to common opinion...we are able to put a non technical but exciting trail together. At 8 km and 130 meters accent it balances out your energy suitable for an event like this. We are hoping for some corporate team building teams and if too difficult they wont return.

I have published a map but if you see me on the weekend I will go through the route with you. 

Thanking you for your response


Wendell, Jul 20 2018 02:25

Dirkitech, I am getting my web page sorted. Sorry but I am a simple cyclist and lost with IT.

Wendell, Aug 12 2018 06:55

Hi Guys, just to make sure you don't miss the date change of this great event. We will be starting at 6pm on Saturday the 22nd September, Thaba Trails are hosting the event and be will not be according to " WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD " The 8.1 km track is specifically laid out so ALL levels of riders will be happy. 130 meters elevation negotiated at JUST the right places



At the same time we will host the CYCLE DEALERS EXTRAVAGANZA... an opportunity for you to touch and feel the latest bikes and gadgets available from the local wholesalers as they will be exhibiting their products.


The change of starting time was requested by some bike shops. The reason is that there will be a " BIKE SHOP CHALLENGE ". YES.. bike shops will be competing along with some of their customers in a Unique Social Occasion where a team from a bike shop will consist of at least ONE staff member.. at least ONE Lady and the rest will be customers. The whole team will consist of 10 members.   HAVE YOU BEEN ASKED TO RIDE ????? 

Coolspin, Aug 12 2018 08:47

When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was a 24hr snooze-athon.

Wendell, Sep 10 2018 10:23

We are dissapointed to announce that once again we are forced to cancel what could be a highlight of many riders year. The RESTONIC TWENTY FOUR HOUR WILL NOT BE TAKING PLACE THIS WEEKEND. 

To be fair to our valued sponsor, RESTONIC we have decided to move the event to a new date . This event will now take place on the 19/20 January 2019 on which date there are currently no other races mentioned.


The few riders who have entered will be contacted and their money either refunded or they will be early bird entries.


Regards Wendell 

Wendell, Dec 02 2018 08:24

2019 is but a few days away. Have you got your team together for the RESTONIC 24 HOUR. WHERE: Thaba Trails When : 19/20 January 2019 Time : 10am Title Sponsor we are proud to say ìs Restonic Beds. Entries are open: