Amohela Classic Clarens MTB

Saturday, 6 April 2019 - Sunday, 7 April 2019
FreestateClarens Village


Experience the beauty of the foot hills of the mighty maluti & the village of Clarens

The Amohela Clarens MTB classic

Amohela the Sesotho word for welcome. Which is exactly what the mighty maluti is doing for you.

2 days - 3 race options

1) Thaba e kholo - big mountain challenge

2) Thaba e nyenyane - little mountain adventure

3) Single Day Entry to either the 70km or 50km route

A weekend of adventure of in one of South Africa's most beautiful towns nestled

In the foothills of the mighty maluti mountains.

About the Amohela Clarens MTB classic

The Amohela which translates from the Sesotho word welcome is exactly what we are doing for you in April. The race takes you along well established beautiful trails across private land and game farms surrounding the little village of Clarens in the eastern Freestate.

With 2 different race distances we are able to cater for all levels of riders so that everybody can come out and experience something special.


Clarens Village, Freestate
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JK7, Dec 06 2018 12:51

See you there for the big mountain challenge. Looking forward to it

CogitoErgoSum, Dec 07 2018 05:24

So basically just renamed the Ashburton races....

Chris Newby-Fraser, Dec 08 2018 07:27

Well done and best wishes to the organisers. To initiate, organise and execute a large event, without a headline sponsors money, is a daunting task and is fraught with risk. Many event organisers have walked this razors edge financial path and many have cut themselves badly. I hope these guys make it. Since Fritz Pienaar(Advendurance) diversified into the Warrior Series and also trail running, his company's focus on mtb seems to have waned, particularly since he became boss of ASG. We need brave new guys like the Amohela organisers to keep our sport varied and interesting.

ByronH, Jan 22 2019 09:07

Looking forward to this event!


Will be my first multi-day race and haven't ever ridden my MTB in Clarens. And what a challenge on Day 1 to ascend beyond 2000m above sea level.


All the best.

trevez, Mar 22 2019 03:54

Looking forward to this, can't wait!!

JK7, Mar 23 2019 03:22

Broke my collarbone so I'm out. Partner also out

Two entries up for grabs...

Milkman, Mar 23 2019 03:27

Is this a sanctioned event ?
I have two daughters that ride UCI cat’s and don’t want to take a chance if it’s not .

Mike Bike, Mar 23 2019 04:39

I’m looking forward to this! Birthday plus plus ‍♂

Supersix EVO, Mar 30 2019 03:02

Is this a sanctioned event ?
I have two daughters that ride UCI cat’s and don’t want to take a chance if it’s not .


Just found out it is not CSA sanctioned unfortunately.