Carpathian MTB Epic

Thursday, 1 August 2019 - Sunday, 4 August 2019
InternationalCheile Gradistei Fundata
  • Distance
    10 km
    01 Aug 2019
    Short, yet fierce. The Prologue offers a glimpse into the journey ahead. It is The Gate to your personal journey, preparing you for the iconic spectacle yet to come. Set in the vicinity of the Race Village, the XCT-type race (cross-country time trial) will determine the start line positions of the first stage. The race also contributes to the general rankings and is mandatory.
  • Distance
    43 km
    02 Aug 2019
    The journey starts at the border between ages and worlds, in a place of myth and legend, the Bucegi Mountains. You will plunge into dramatic landscapes that bring forward the intricate structures of old mountain roads and mountain crosses laying dormant, waiting to be discovered. They stand testament to the passing of time, as Pillars of creation, untouched and glorious. Separated from your past experiences, embrace the iconic spectacle of the windswept peaks, razor sharp crags, rugged slopes and breathtaking descents as you reconnect with nature and experience true, proper MTB.
  • Distance
    60 km
    03 Aug 2019
    The second stage is the catalyst to your journey. Set forth in Europe’s last great expanse of pristine forest, ride through high alpine meadows, secret mountain passes and experience a spectacular example of the raw power of nature, offered by the tracks. Clench your teeth, fight the fierce yet legendary landscape but open your soul to the forces that have shaped these lands for thousands of years. Surpass all challenges and discover the true nature of MTB, which you only guessed existed. Unaltered. Unspoiled. Primal. Victory and a new frontier for your own personal journey of discovery is right there, just behind The Wall.
  • Distance
    60 km
    04 Aug 2019
    Fast and technical, cradled beneath the mountains’ jagged peaks, the final stage of Carpathian MTB Epic opens up a mountain paradise and brings you closer to the end of your journey. Strong and dramatic, The Forge brings to life the energy of these lands, that have the power to transform. The secret of Europe is now yours to behold in all its glory and shapes your roots, as mountain biker.


MTB at its best, deep within the wild Carpathian Mountains, in Romania!


Discover the country of Dracula and immerse yourself in a world ancient and unspoiled. Carpathian MTB Epic is the ultimate 4-day old school MTB stage race, offering all-inclusive packages, with a SOLO / individual race format.


Carpathian MTB Epic returns for the 3rd edition in 2019, with new tracks and an authentic MTB experience, between the 1st and 4th of August. Registrations are OPEN for all passionate, professional and amateur cyclists at special prices starting with 28 January 2019, on The event is featured in the S2 category of the International Cycling Union (UCI), giving performance athletes access to 80 UCI points.


Carpathian MTB Epic delivers 4 days of pure mountain biking with over 173 kilometres of pedalling and 8.050 meters of climbing in the heart of one of the last genuinely wild regions in Europe – the Carpathian mountains in Romania. Participation is complemented by the all-inclusive experience, which covers everything from accommodations in the Olympic level Race Village to nutrition & meal plans, complete race services on site and on course and top it all with a high quality relaxation & entertainment programme. We invite you, between the 1st and 4th of August, in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains for a journey that will reshape your mountain biking foundations.


Amateur participants who are not yet ready to cope with 4 days of racing can opt for the 1-Day Challenge event, being scheduled on the 4th of August, on a shorter route, 43 km long and with 1,800 meters of climbing.


Since its first edition, the Carpathian MTB Epic event has been quickly labelled as one of the most spectacular competitions in Europe, due to the special aura of the lands, the full package of services, the exceptional promotion and the quality of the organization. Athletes from over 22 countries join us each year for an unforgettable journey that is all about pushing your limits to the edge, building character, forging new bonds of friendship with passionate riders and experiencing the most EPIC tracks labelled by participants as iconic and breath-taking.


Entries are open exclusively online, on Special fees are available for cycling clubs affiliated with National Federations and for large groups of riders.


Rediscover the true nature of mountain biking!


Carpathian MTB Epic – Wild. Rugged. EPIC.


1-4 August 2019, Cheile Gradistei Fundata, Romania


Cheile Gradistei Fundata, International
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MudLark, Feb 25 2019 08:23

8000 m of ascent over 173 km. Nee, kyk - jy gaan klim ouboet!

Christie, Feb 25 2019 09:41

650€, meals and accomodation included. It looks do-able for R25k including flights.

mrcg, Feb 25 2019 10:53

Tougher than the Epic?  :ph34r:  :whistling: