PPS Panorama Tour 2019

Saturday, 15 June 2019 - Tuesday, 18 June 2019
MpumulangaCasterbridge Lifestyle Centre
  • Distance
    112 km
    15 Jun 2019
    Casterbridge - Sabie and Long Tom Pass - Casterbridge / Total Ascent 2397m
  • Distance
    104 km
    16 Jun 2019
    Casterbridge - Boulders - Casterbridge / Total Ascent 1884m
  • Distance
    72 km
    17 Jun 2019
    Casterbridge - Hazyview - Casterbridge / Total Ascent 1546m<br /><br />
  • Distance
    32 km
    18 Jun 2019
    White River - Swartfontein Exit - White River / Total Ascent 606m


The PPS Panorama Tour is a unique road race experience, where every climb, view, and success is shared!


As South Africa’s only road cycling race for teams of two, the PPS Panorama Tour challenges riders to take on the legendary mountains of Mpumalanga over four action packed days. This world-class cycling event features a total of 320kms and 6400m and caters to both amateur and professional cyclists alike.


The PPS Panorama Tour will take place from the 15 - 18 June at Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre in White River, Mpumalanga. Intrigued? Want to experience the #PowerofTwo for yourself? Grab a partner and visit www.panoramatour.co.za to find out more.


Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, Mpumulanga
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Gr3mlin131, Apr 02 2019 12:02

Event Name: PPS Panorama Tour 2019
When: 15 June 2019 - 18 June 2019
Where: Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, Mpumulanga
Category: MTB

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Wait is this an MTB race now?

Kamo28, Apr 02 2019 12:11

Wait is this an MTB race now?

Sorry for that, definitely still road race.  

Spinnekop, Apr 02 2019 12:33

One of my favorites.  Will be my 5th and looking forward to it

CharlesZ, Apr 03 2019 11:47

Can't wait for this one. 2 years past since my last one but back this time and riding with my Gf

CharlesZ, Apr 03 2019 11:47

One of my favorites.  Will be my 5th and looking forward to it

iemand kry n wit hempie

Spinnekop, Apr 03 2019 12:14

Can't wait for this one. 2 years past since my last one but back this time and riding with my Gf

Also doing mixed this year.......Lekker

Cargyrl, Apr 03 2019 12:19

wrong post, deleted it

CharlesZ, Apr 03 2019 02:47

Also doing mixed this year.......Lekker

ry saam wie?

Spinnekop, Apr 03 2019 03:36

ry saam wie?

Clover kalfie

CharlesZ, Apr 03 2019 05:07

Great. Onthou jy mag my teen bulte op stoot, ek is die weak link

SurferChild, Apr 05 2019 02:06

Can't wait for this one. 2 years past since my last one but back this time and riding with my Gf

Seriously!!! Dis awesome nuus!

CharlesZ, Apr 08 2019 07:18

Seriously!!! Dis awesome nuus!

will see how it goes but we not going into the race with any expectations. Must bigger stuff more me that is important. 

eddy, Jun 18 2019 05:48

How lekker was that?

Ideal way to get 5 months of idleness out of the system.

Carbon_Kooi, Jun 19 2019 11:59

Really enjoyed the race, first road stage race for me and first stage race for my wife. Will be back for more.

Spinnekop, Jun 19 2019 12:05

As always fun and very well organised.
Lots and lots of sick people at the event.  Hoping that they'll move it back to April next year

Thornman, Jun 19 2019 12:39

Great event. Will be back next year!

Pure Savage, Jun 19 2019 12:55

Saw it on instagram, looked awesome, will make a plan to go up for it next year.

CharlesZ, Jun 25 2019 01:07

Was really impressed how the event was run. Very good traffic marshalling and free booze lol


My standard as always happened. 

Stage 1 - 2 technical and a puncture

stage 2 - rear hub gave trouble and became unrideable and had to take a spare wheel (will take a penalty for it) that was a junior restricted gearing and chased back to the 3rd group on the road where my gf fell back to to wait for me. Me over the bike picture, lyk of ek n drol uit druk

stage 3 - no issues finally but just had a chilled ride further. Left the racing for the strong boys and girls

stage 4 - the previous day gin took a bit of a toll 


not to mention that I only discovered yesterday a small ligament torn in my ankle that I thought was just a sprained ankle that happen on the day before the race by doing rope skipping in a school event


well done to all that did the race. As always great fun and commendatory in the event. 


but those e-bikes made us all look like beginners on the climbs