Eselfontein 3 - Day Festival

Friday, 11 October 2019 - Sunday, 13 October 2019
Western CapeEselfontein Farm


CSA Sanctioned
R30 000 in total - TO BEAT THE TRACK RECORD OF 6:30:37



This 40km will be a day\night ride starting at 6pm so the correct lights will be required. We expect the average rider to do the last 20km in the dark. This section of track has been part of our normal night race of the festival over the past few years and has a total elevation gain of 740m. It will be a bunch start but will have plenty of passing opportunities. The results from Day 1 will be used to seed the riders for the next day which will be a 60km race with approx. 30km single track.


WATER PONTS: 2, at 19km and 27km


This will be the ride of your life with a single track combination that will blow your mind and give you an all-over body workout from counter balancing your bike. The route is a combination of our trails that are open throughout the year that will include two famous climbs, “Death Drop” and “Dead Man Walking”. The last 25km will have no big climbs.


WATER POINTS: 3, at 15km, 21km and 40km


We go up to the Bo Swaarmoed area. It is situated close to the infamous Matroosberg mountain. Most of your climbing will be done in the first 15 km before starting with a single track which is mostly downhill all the way to the finish


WATER POINTS: 2, at 16km and 30km


Eselfontein Farm, Western Cape
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Eselfontein, May 28 2019 08:57

We are CSA Sanctioned for 2019 !

ONLY 400 entries !

90% single track !


dirtypot, May 29 2019 02:13

Entered :clap:


Is there an Ezel Enduro this year?  I can't find it anywhere.

jock_the_GIANT, May 29 2019 02:52

Its going to be my second one, hopefully it will go better than my first one.

Lets hope for no mechanicals.

Grease_Monkey, May 29 2019 03:05

Entered :clap:

Is there an Ezel Enduro this year? I can't find it anywhere.

No Enduro this year, as I understand it the EWC series is quite a bit of admin to organise, especially with Jonkers being an EWS qualifier this year. So the guys are taking the year off Ezel to focus on EWC, next year will be back on. If I am talking through the wrong hole, please correct me :)

There is a Greyton takeover trail day also organised by the EWC crew - looks amazing.

Eselfontein, May 29 2019 04:26

Entered :clap:


Is there an Ezel Enduro this year?  I can't find it anywhere.

Also haven't been contacted as venue !!

Bike Mob, May 29 2019 04:37

One of the best events on the calendar! Well priced, mind blowing trails and local charities benefit hugely! 

Eselfontein, May 30 2019 07:50

Had a few inquiries that event is full - not true.

Please contact me if this happens again !

Sparki 1, May 30 2019 09:23

Did it for the first time last year. It was effen great!!!! Entered for this year. Cannot wait

Eselfontein, Jun 04 2019 10:29



Eselfontein, Jul 25 2019 04:25

Here is the link to your entries for 2019:







Here is your link to our website:


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We are CSA sanctioned for 2019

Please come and join us – this event is held for LOCAL CHARITIES.

Esel, Aug 21 2019 08:28

Just a reminder,R30 000 cach is up for grabs for the team that can break the track record.

Esel, Sep 09 2019 08:03

Eselfontein will be Stage 1 of Cape -epic 2020.Make sure you don't miss out

Esel, Sep 09 2019 08:18

70 team entries left

Eselfontein, Sep 09 2019 10:56

"For riders eager to test-ride the Eselfontein trails ahead of the 2020 Absa Cape Epic, there is no better opportunity than that provided by the Tru-Cape Eselfontein MTB Festival. The three-day stage race takes in 145 kilometres of scintillating mountain biking and will provide Absa Cape Epic entrants with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the unique challenge provided by the farm’s trails. For more information on the event, the farm and the trails, please visit"



vulgar, Sep 19 2019 01:33

Looking for a LADY partner, skill full in single track and has endurance for this 3 day event to challenge for poduim.

I offer  a free entry.

WaldoZ, Sep 19 2019 06:18

Looking for a LADY partner, skill full in single track and has endurance for this 3 day event to challenge for poduim.
I offer a free entry.

If I dress up as a lady, dies that count?

gio, Sep 26 2019 07:41

Will there be Braai areas close to the camping ⛺️ area at the eselfontein festival?

Esel, Sep 30 2019 07:57

Yes,you can braai at your camp