Eroica Series: Your bicycle and Eroica South Africa

The most common question I get asked about Eroica coming to South Africa is, “Will my bike be allowed?”. Now it is true that the rules pertaining to what bike you can ride is very strict, and that not too many of these rare old racers are available locally, but to address this we’ve created a second category especially for South Africa.

Eroica South Africa.jpg
So, to break it down as simply as possible - for the full Eroica Category you need a steel racing bicycle built before 1987 with period specific components, non-aero brake levers (the ones where the cables come straight out the top) and normal pedals with toe-clips. For the South Africa Category you’re allowed to ride any steel racing bicycle built before 1999 with period specific components, aero levers (the ones where the brake cables pass under the bartape), but you still have to ride with downtube shifters and normal pedals with toe-clips.


Of course there are some allowances made, but please study the Eroica South Africa Rules section on our website or get in touch if you are unsure about any aspect of your bike.


If you realise that there are components you need to change, and extra things you need to get, please don’t delay. South Africa doesn’t have that much of this stuff available, and ordering from overseas is expensive and takes time. Best to get onto solving any issues as soon as possible! Besides, part of the pleasure of an event like this is hunting for that very special little part, and uncovering it in the most unlikely place.


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If you don’t have a vintage steel racer yet, don’t despair. They are out there. Second hand shops, online marketplaces like Gumtree and OLX, this fantastic resource - Bike Hub - that now has a special Vintage Bike classified section, specialist shops like Woodstock Cycleworks, Hunter and Whippet all have options. And then there are of course all the uncles, grandfathers and neighbours with bikes hanging in their garages gathering dust. It’s time to rescue those classics and get them on the road again! Happy hunting for that special machine.



DJR, Mar 01 2016 07:46

Just the pedals with toe clips still to go before I'll be ready. :thumbup: And I have a loan pair lined up  :clap: It's good to have friends that never sell anything! ;)

Ryanpmb, Mar 01 2016 11:22

That poster...?!

olffie1, Mar 01 2016 10:28

This is going to be a great event.......if one looks at the popularity of the same event in the UK and the States where getting into the event is simular to some of the mountain bike events in South Africa, were if you snooze you lose out on getting into the event.