Contego Segment Hunter: Crank Chaos Special

The Contego Segment Hunter crew went international with the filming of a special edition during Crank Chaos at Afriski in Lesotho.


Watch as Greg Minnaar chases grom Ike Klaassen at 3,200 metres above sea level.


The Segment

The Contego Segment Hunter Crank Chaos Edition lies amongst the extensive trail network in the bike park above Afriski Mountian Resort, Lesotho.



Segment Hunter Crank Chaos 1.jpg
Segment Hunter Crank Chaos 2.jpg
Segment Hunter Crank Chaos 3.jpg


Matchstix, Nov 14 2016 07:12

Don't think I will be going there soon. .

Matchstix, Nov 14 2016 07:13

Would like to go though!

Bibi, Nov 14 2016 08:21

That was fun .... too watch 

Abdoujaparov, Nov 15 2016 12:02

die Muishond will clean this one up...just needs to find his passport

Lighthouse, Nov 15 2016 03:27

Yip that was fun to watch....


Die Muishond does not need a passport....he does not travel, he just appears.