Introducing Contego Segment Hunter: a six-part video series

We’re stoked to introduce an exciting new online video series titled ‘Contego Segment Hunter’. As the name suggests the series is all about Strava Segments. We’ll be looking for the gnarliest, toughest or just plain coolest sections of road, dirt or trail to unleash our chosen challenger on.



For the first season of this six-part series we’ll be focussing on areas within the Western Cape, but from there it’s all about some country-wide segment smashing.


Take a look at the intro video below where our host for the series, Ollie Munnik (aka. Pinner), takes us through some of the details.


Contego Segment Hunter - Intro Video


How will it work?

  • The Segment: A suitable segment will be chosen for each episode based on your nominations.
  • The Challenger: We’ll choose a suitable challenger for the segment: A pro, an amateur or person of interest.
  • The Preview: Once we have #1 and #2 sorted the “Pinner” will take us through the segment in some detail to help you set some PBs and give a us preview of what’s to come.
  • The Episode: The final showdown. Our challenger lays it all on the line to take on the segment and bask in the glory of virtual winnings.

What was that about prizes?

It’s not all about bragging rights for our soon-to-be video super stars. We want YOU to get involved and for your efforts we’ve got some great prizes on offer:
  • Grand Prize: R 30 000 unit trust investment from our sponsors Contego
  • A range of spot prizes to be announced as the series kicks off the series (among them is a set of shiny new South Industries #Handgemaak carbon rims)

What next?

Nominate your segments in the Western Cape!


Road or MTB, uphill or downhill. Just tell us why you think it deserves an episode in the comments section below. Then we’ll get cracking on Episode 1.