Video: Bike Life - Wild Coast

Nothing like an escape down the Wild Coast to reset the soul!


Video by Visual Outdoor.


Christofison, Sep 14 2017 01:28

Was half of this at Mtentu? Such a beautiful place to ride. I hope that doesn't change too much with the new roads & bridges going in soon.

Bat, Sep 14 2017 09:42

Looks awesome.

Uni, Sep 18 2017 02:39

it's been forever since I've been down to the Transkei, way before I ever considered riding a bicycle for fun. I'd love to do put this on my todo list. 

Great vid. Tx. 

Skylark, Sep 19 2017 05:56

Transkei is the most awesome place in SA, pity there's so many sharks though :(