Video: Loris Vergier and Luca Shaw join Santa Cruz Syndicate

The Santa Cruz Syndicate goes transcontinental in 2017 with fresh signings of Luca Shaw from the USA, and Loris Vergier of France. We sent the 20 year old recruits to a week of intensive training under the watchful eyes of Steve Peat and Greg Minnaar—watch the video to see exactly what constituted 'training' here in Santa Cruz!


_im_from_earth, Jan 10 2017 08:47

Not that I'm biased or anything, but this has to be one of the best team videos for some time. Can't wait to see the chaos these goons get up to this year... I hope 'Sessy gets LOTS of champagne!!

Kalahari Vegmot, Jan 10 2017 11:08

Hehe! Great vid!

BigD, Jan 11 2017 06:49

hahaha, very cool

The_Phoenix, Jan 11 2017 06:58

This is going to be a killer team if Mondraker doesn't completely steal the show.

Christofison, Jan 11 2017 08:20

Hahaaa. Very well done Syndicate.

Piston ZA, Jan 11 2017 09:00

Lol. Awesome video. Cannot wait for 30 April

Hairy, Jan 13 2017 02:40

BaGearA, Jan 13 2017 02:47

The bloopers video made my day !!



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