The Lesotho Sky: Nominate-a-Mate to win a team entry

The Lesotho Sky Nominate-a-Mate competition is back!


This is your chance to be the friend your friends think you are. We all have that one buddy who deserves a win, whether they’re going through a tough time or they’re not getting the recognition they deserve for their awesomeness.

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Tell us why he or she deserves to win a free team entry to the Lesotho Sky 2017. Here are some of the answers people gave in last year’s competition:

  • Broke his collarbone at start of the year.
  • Lost her Strava QOM and cracked her frame on the same day.
  • He’s the rider in the wolfpack who always waits for the slowest person up the climb.
  • She has mad skills but never brags about it.
  • He still rides on a 26er hardtail.
  • Gave away his old bike to help a brother out.
  • Organises the raddest bike rides.
  • Can fix a snapped chain in no time.
  • Rides like a roadie.
  • Ran out of talent while chasing a Strava PB.
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This time round, the organisers of Lesotho Sky are taking hands with their MTB buddies to stock this competition with some more goodies. The suspension whisperer and three times finisher of Lesotho Sky, Robbie Powell from Robbie’s Bicycle Concepts, is offering a free shock service for the second-place winner. And with Bikehub as the official media partner, the word on the street will hit the downhill like Greg Minnaar without any brakes.



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Entries close 9 December 2016.


Winners will be announced on Monday 12 December 2016.


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Christofison, Nov 25 2016 01:43

Yes please. Definitely have a mate deserved of a nomination.