Single speed build project: The build kit part 1

I am finalising my Single speed build kit and have been finding it more difficult than what I had anticipated.
I have solved most riddles, but I still need a fork and haven't decided yet on tyres. Ideally I want a steel rigid with a 15mm axle, but that's proving a bit difficult. I have since widened my search to include any rigid fork with a tapered steerer, but even that is proving itself to be illusive. So for now, I will leave that part of the build blank. To be continued.


I have sourced and bought a Momsen STR 29 for the project.


I was 100% convinced to strip it down and give it a spray-job until I took it out of the box and saw it in the flesh. The Momsen STR 29 is sculpted using Reynolds 520 tubing and thanks to Tange sliding dropouts allows for geared or single speed drivetrains. I like this as it future-proofs my investment should I wish to run it geared somewhere in the future.

Thanks to a 44mm oversized headtube I can run a straight or tapered steerer. Although, as mentioned, I would prefer to run a tapered steerer. Fit and finish on the frame is up to Momsen's usual high standards with lots of attention to detail. I will share more pics of the frame in my next installment.

The STR29 is available in four colours ranging from classic to funky and can be bought directly from their online store:


My saddle of choice will be a Selle Italia Shiver. In it's current form it's dressed in Troy Lee Design graphics, but it will get a completely new makeover thanks to the team at A nip and tuck of sorts. They will also work their magic on a set of lock-on grips I have lying around.



The wheelset will be something from the American Classic catalogue. I am not going to run a dedicated single speed wheelset as this will limit my options in the future. I still haven't decided exactly, I have narrowed it down to either American Classic's Tubeless 29 or their latest Wide Lightning.


I would ideally like to go with Schwalbe Kojaks or something similar, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for in 29". The search continues.

Stem, Handlebar and Seatpost

The little OCD fella in me insists on having the stem, handlebar and seatpost come from the same family! Having searched far and wide for a handlebar and stem to suit my preference (bars must be wide and flat, stem must be short and low) I've ended up pulling the trigger on a Nukeproof handlebar, stem and seatpost in silver. Old meets new! Still waiting for it to arrive so I am unfortunately unable to share pics at the moment, but will include them in my build update next time round.

Nukeproof gear is available online from Dial'd Bikes.

Drivetrain & Brake

Single speed for the win here. I'm keeping it simple and "clean" for the most part. Parts will be a combination of old and new, with lots of elbow grease required to get it looking new and sparkly silver. The bike will be built without a front brake as I feel there won't be a need for one on this bike. Let's see how long that lasts!


I have something planned with the pedals, but we're not 100% sure yet that it will work. Stay tuned for more on this!

That's it for now. Any suggestions for a fork and tyres will be welcomed.

Check out the other installations: The Idea, The frame part 1, The frame part 2.


marko35s, Mar 04 2014 11:38

watt I mean is that if we keep this up we could see sparks flying

As long as it doesnt turn negative.

Hairy, Mar 04 2014 11:39

I do wonder how big that conduit is to fit three rooms in it, or rather how small the rooms are then.

javadude, Mar 04 2014 11:41

As long as it doesnt turn negative.

Doesn't have to if you rocking to AC/DC.

Captain Fastbastard Mayhem, Mar 04 2014 12:24

Har har har.

Hairy - there were 3 lines coming off the DB on that particular switch. 2 for 2 rooms upstairs and one for the downstairs. Only controlling the plugpoints. 3 plugpoints in the downstairs room and 2 in each of the upstairs rooms. Basically it wasn't very clever of the guy who put it together... especially when there was an open breaker next to the switch in question!

igknot, Mar 05 2014 08:35

Finished my STR29 build last night. If this ran will only stop.

Iwan Kemp, Mar 05 2014 08:50

Finished my STR29 build last night. If this ran will only stop.

You know the rule - pictures or it didn't happen!

Flowta, Mar 05 2014 10:04

Finished my STR29 build last night. If this ran will only stop.

Stop running and ride instead :whistling:

Iwan Kemp, Mar 09 2014 08:56

Stop running and ride instead :whistling:

And where are the pics?!