RedMonkey Sports and Wolf Tooth team up to create one FAT grip

Designed by Wolf Tooth and produced with the same outstanding performance and quality of the RedMonkey Sports Karv series 100% silicone MTB grips, Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips were developed for riders that crave large diameter grips with a softer feel. The 9.5mm silicone wall and an installed diameter of 36mm make these the FATTEST silicone grips available.



Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips are produced with a tacky texture that works great with or without gloves in all weather conditions and mitigates hand slippage. Fat Paw grips also utilize a softer silicone compound and a more advanced extrusion process than other silicone based grips. This extrusion process creates a dual density grip with an inner more dense layer and outer more porous layer, which in turn enables extremely high vibration damping. This combination of features helps to reduce hand fatigue and finger numbness for all riders and provides the option of a bigger diameter grip for riders that prefer large grips or have large hands.




"RedMonkey Sports has been creating a high quality high vibration damping MTB grip for years, and we were thrilled when Wolf Tooth approached us with this concept. We are excited to partner with Wolf Tooth, as their passion and dedication to making quality components is already very well known in the industry." says RedMonkey Sports founder Michael Nasco.


The new Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips are made in the USA, are available now on either website: or , and will be available at a local shops by Mid April.



Myles Mayhew, Apr 07 2016 01:07


Blackheart, Apr 07 2016 02:12

Get me some of those!

jules1976, Apr 08 2016 10:30

very nice

Naas, Apr 09 2016 06:10

We will be stocking them soon...

CAAD4, Apr 09 2016 07:48

Silicone lock on grips. Now those make sense ...

zappa, Apr 10 2016 05:03

We will be stocking them soon...


Anytime soon? Would like to for for Joberg2C.

Ferro, May 09 2016 12:44

We will be stocking them soon...


These in yet?

Ferro, May 13 2016 09:32

I see they are available now:



Anyone given them a go yet?