Squirt Cycling Products introduce Squirt SEAL tyre sealant

Squirt Cycling Products® is proud to announce the launch of Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock®, a tyre sealant for both tubed- and tubeless wheels which provides superior puncture sealing properties while boasting a long lifespan and environmentally non-hazardous formulation. Like all Squirt products, Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® has already been extensively tested in racing conditions and Squirt Cycling Products® is confident it will enhance your cycling experience.

The need for a truly high-performance tyre sealant has never been as great; as even World Tour teams are experimenting with tubeless tyres, in the world’s foremost races. Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® meets that need and is compatible with road, gravel and mountain bike tyres. It has been formulated and thoroughly tested to seal punctures from objects with a 6mm diameter.


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Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® will be available in 150ml, 1 000ml and 5 000ml containers for home and bike shop use.


Squirt’s BeadBlock® technology together with the sealant’s synthetic latex base effectively forms a physical stopper within the puncture. When forced into and through the puncture under pressure, the latex solidifies while the BeadBlock® granules and microfibers provide a mechanical blockage to aid in the sealing process.


The use of synthetic latex allows Squirt to create an ammonia free sealant. Ammonia can accelerate Bi-metal corrosion; where different types of materials/metal are in contact with one another (such as between spoke nipples and rims or rims and alloy tubeless valves). This can cause premature weakening and even failure of wheelsets. Through the addition of corrosion inhibitors; Squirt Sealant can slow normal corrosion – extending rather than decreasing the lifespan of tubeless wheels.


Squirt Seal 3.jpgSquirt SEAL Tyre Sealant is stable in liquid form and will not solidify or cake to the inner walls of the tyres.

Squirt Seal 4.jpgThe BeadBlock® particles are added to Squirt Sealant to aid in puncture sealing by providing a mechanical blockage.

Formulated for conditions ranging between -20 and 40 degrees Centigrade (-4° to 104° F), Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock’s formulation is stable in liquid form and will not solidify or cake to the inner walls of the tyres. Thus ensuring it is easy to clean when refreshing the sealant levels. The solution was also developed not to bond the opposite tyre walls to each other when inserting a tube on the side of the road or trail – should it be necessary. The sealant can be removed from the tyres, simply, by brushing and rinsing with water.


Most importantly Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® is environmentally safe. The major components within the formulation are rated as non-hazardous in accordance with European Union criteria, are biodegradable in the conditions where it is intended for use and exhibit minimal bioaccumulation. It also poses low risk to human health, when used under normal conditions.


“The focus of the development for the base formula relied heavily on having a product that would seal punctures quickly, is safe to use, lasts long inside the tyres in almost all conditions and does not make a mess when you need to replace it (such as sticky inner tyre walls)” Jacques Holtzhausen – Research, Development and Production Director of Squirt Cycling Products – said. “After hours upon hours of development, refinement and testing on planks lined with 6 inch nails, we are ecstatic to announce our new Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock®. A product which has been tested under some of the harshest and most unforgiving conditions by mechanics, world champions, team owners and various US Cycling Media.”


“It’s an exciting year for us and we are confident that this sealant will meet the level of satisfaction which existing (and new) users of our products have become accustomed to over the past decade and a half. In developing this formulation, we have stayed true to our mantra of striving to be environmentally responsible, having superior quality products that last, thus ensuring that our customers spend more time riding” Holtzhausen concluded.


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Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® has been proven to seal punctures up to 6mm in diameter.


Following extensive laboratory and field testing Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® was put to the ultimate test at the Absa Cape Epic in March 2018. It "saved our bacon a few times during the Cape Epic and sealed a 6mm hole in Ariane’s tyre during one of the stages in 2018” recounted JP Jacobs, mechanic to Ariane Lüthi and Team Spur. Raphaël Gagné, the Pan American Game Gold Medallist, put Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® to the test during the World Cup season. “With less residue left in the tyre and the ability to seal big cuts in conditions ranging from dry and dusty Cape Epic, to wet Canadian and European days, the new sealant from Squirt Cycling Products® is a level above anything else I’ve used” the Canadian star enthused.


Along with South Africa’s Team Spur, for whom Lüthi and the U23 XCO World Champion Alan Hatherly ride, Squirt Cycling Products® have also been performance tested and race proven by some of the biggest names in cycling. They include Bart Brentjens, Julien Absalon, Ned Overend, Rudi Van Houts, Bradly Weiss the 2017 XTERRA World Champion, Robyn de Groot the multiple South African marathon champion and South African cross-country champion Mariske Strauss.



Headshot, Oct 04 2018 11:54

And the most important factor - the price?

MvdP, Oct 04 2018 12:24

And the most important factor - the price?

yes, we're waiting for that - not on the site yet http://www.squirtlub...adblock-launch/


I would give their stuff a go.

Bizkit031, Oct 04 2018 12:34

No difference to all The others.

Schnavel, Oct 04 2018 12:58

If they can come in at a competitive price point, I would definitely give this a go over Stans...

TheJ, Oct 04 2018 01:42

Mix my own. Still no flats. Add crumbed rubber which I get for free from a local tyre joint.

Larry Montana, Oct 04 2018 01:58

Take my money...

V18, Oct 04 2018 05:07

I was excited to hear about an ammonia free/mess free option by finish line (with kevlar fibres nogal) . Disappointment followed. Hopefully this will be the holy grail. My hopes are to mount tyre and never worry about sealant loogies and to be able to switch tyres as I please without the sticky bukkake party given by current messy sealants.

cairbre, Oct 04 2018 07:47

All these sealants say they work on road, but I'm convinced these manufacturers run their road tyres at 2bar. Any higher and all that happens is your tyre goes flat and you and your frame gets covered in this junk.

Thomo, Oct 05 2018 07:58

All these sealants say they work on road, but I'm convinced these manufacturers run their road tyres at 2bar. Any higher and all that happens is your tyre goes flat and you and your frame gets covered in this junk.

That was me a week or two ago.
Also still looking for that road sealant that works.
Guys at Token had a thread with some videos for what it's worth - haven't tried the product yet, but may be next.
Anybody tried Batseal.?

SingleTrackMinded, Oct 05 2018 09:26

Mix my own. Still no flats. Add crumbed rubber which I get for free from a local tyre joint.

What is the recipe if i may ask?

Thermophage, Oct 05 2018 11:22

Biodegradable? The beads as well?

Would give it a try.

Stevief, Oct 05 2018 01:56

Apparently adding glitter to the sealant works well

Wettas, Oct 05 2018 06:57

Seth's bike hacks 

V18, Oct 06 2018 09:53

Biodegradable? The beads as well?
Would give it a try.

Not those beads dude.

6th Mass Extinction, Oct 11 2018 07:58

Not those beads dude.

If those beads are plastic then this product is a disaster for the environment as they can end up in the water system and get ingested by fish and other animals in the food chain. Microbeads found in cosmetic products have already been banned in a number of states in America due to the environmental hazard they pose. These beads look much bigger than microbeads and will probably pose an even bigger threat to fish. If the manufacturer can give details as to what these beads are made from we can make an informed decision whether to use the product or boycott the product due to the environmental damage it causes!

jacholtz, Nov 12 2018 12:17

Good morning to all who commented, this is JH from Squirt Cycling Products.  After reading through the comments on the forum, it seems there is concern about the beads. In many of the environmental forums around the world, "plastic bead" seems to be a new swearword and rightly so.  However, the beads we use in the new Squirt Tyre Sealant are not made from plastic but rather a very specific porous and light ceramic.  Plastic beads (such as those found in some cosmetic products and possibly other tyre sealants) tend to float and will thus easily find their way into streams, rivers and other waterways and eventually end up in the ocean and the stomachs of fish.  The ceramic beads we use are essentially processed sand that does not float so it does not present the same environmental risk that plastic beads do.