2014 Africa Cycle Fair: Trail Bikes

We were excited to see that the local industry is slowly recognising the demand for longer travel bicycles at the Africa Cycle Fair this year. Along with the increase in trail bikes on display, fair visitors voted for the Pyga Oneforty650 as their Best Bike in Africa, despite an impressive selection of cross-country bikes. We've put together a collection of our favourite trail travel bikes from the fair.

BMC TrailFox TF02 29 XO1

BMC have gone with 29er wheels on their TrailFox. The suspension is taken care of by a RockShox Pike in front and the Cane Creek BDAir at the back. The drivetrain is full XO1 while the brakes are SRAM Guide R. A Reverb Stealth dropper attends to the saddle height.

BMC TrailFox-1.jpg
BMC TrailFox-2.jpg
BMC TrailFox-3.jpg
BMC TrailFox-4.jpg
BMC TrailFox-5.jpg
BMC TrailFox-6.jpg
BMC TrailFox-7.jpg
BMC TrailFox-8.jpg
BMC TrailFox-9.jpg
BMC TrailFox-10.jpg
BMC TrailFox-11.jpg
BMC TrailFox-12.jpg
BMC TrailFox-13.jpg
BMC TrailFox-14.jpg
BMC TrailFox-15.jpg
BMC TrailFox-17.jpg

2015 Giant Trance 27.5 2

The Trance needs no introduction. The 2015 model is more of a gradual evolution than a redesign. The bike features Fox CTD Evolution front and rear. The drive train is mostly SLX with Deore shifters. The paint work on this year's model is also pleasantly attractive.

Giant Trance-1.jpg
Giant Trance-2.jpg
Giant Trance-3.jpg
Giant Trance-4.jpg

Pyga Pascoe Oneforty650

I'm not going to be impartial here, this Pascoe build makes me weak at the knees. I'm still gutted that I didn't win it. Enjoy it, amasendeinja.

Pyga OneTwenty650P1130614.jpg

Pyga OneTwenty650P1130613.jpg

Pyga OneTwenty650P1130616.jpg

Pyga OneTwenty650P1130620.jpgPyga OneTwenty650P1130623.jpgPyga OneTwenty650P1130624.jpg

Mercer Bikes Hungry Monkey

The Hungry Monkey is the odd one of the bunch, being a hand built steel hardtail. The bike features short stays and big travel up front. Being a custom build, the specifications of each bike will suit the owner but do yourself a favour and go with a Pike. The bike pictured below is David's personal bicycle and prototype. The production frame will feature routing for a dropper post and mounts for a second bottle cage.

Side profile HMII.jpg

Front side HMII.jpg

Back side HMII.jpg

3 qtr front view HMII.jpg

Head badge detail HMII.jpg

HT detail 3qtr rear HMII.jpg

Dropout detail HMII.jpg
Rear 3qtr oblique HMII.jpg

Cube Sting

The Cube Sting is a 120mm travel 29er featuring Manitou suspension front and back.

Cube Sting 120-1.jpg
Cube Sting 120-2.jpg
Cube Sting 120-3.jpg
Cube Sting 120-4.jpg
Cube Sting 120-5.jpg

2015 Giant Reign

Giant's Reign, with 160mm travel, is aimed at the more adventurous rider. The bike features a RockShox Pike at the front and a Monarch DebonAir down below. The wheels are wrapped in thick 2.35" Schwalbe rubber and the seatpost slides up and down thanks to Giant's own dropper post.

Giant Reign 27.5 2-1.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-2.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-3.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-4.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-5.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-6.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-7.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-8.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-9.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-10.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-11.jpg
Giant Reign 27.5 2-12.jpg

Yeti SB5c

The SB5c is a complex yet elegant bicycle. Yeti's Switch Infinity suspension aims to promote pedal efficiency and soak up those smaller bumps while helping with overall stability. The bike comes in a number of builds and a frameset is also available for custom specs.

Yeti SB5c-1.jpg



Pyga Onetwenty650

The Onetwenty650, coupled with a 140mm fork, is arguably the perfect all-round South African trail explorer. It features 120mm rear travel, 650b wheels and makes provision for stealth dropper posts.

Pyga OneTwenty650P1130713.jpg
Pyga OneTwenty650P1130710.jpg
Pyga OneTwenty650P1130715.jpg
Pyga OneTwenty650P1130717.jpg
Pyga OneTwenty650P1130718.jpg
Pyga OneTwenty650P1130719.jpg
PYGA OneTwentry 650-6.jpg


arendoog, Nov 03 2014 11:20

That MBC looks the business .I am getting tired of listening to creaking carbon frames

Louis for real, Nov 03 2014 06:16

drool- SB5c

daviiii, Nov 03 2014 06:46

Awesome read!
Please can someone give me some details as who i can get a hold of about the BMC trailfox? As well as the giant trail bikes?

topcat, Nov 03 2014 06:50

buying a trance 2 in January 

pista, Nov 03 2014 07:39

Can only drool over the Pyga 650b's

amasendeinja, Nov 04 2014 08:52

Oh, I will definitely enjoy it! Thanks.


Nice thread, must say that Yeti it pretty damn awesome too. 

Simon123, Nov 04 2014 10:30

Dig the Pygas.


Have the 2015 Trance 2 (only standard bits left is the frame + fork).


And damn, that Cube is ugleeeeeeee.

Bibi, Jan 22 2015 06:46

Really spanky MRP chainguides on those Giants

Igors, Feb 01 2015 09:23

Daviiii what would you like to know about bmc trailfox?