Protests force W2W Shiraz to change Stage 3 route to finish at Oak Valley

Violent protests have broken out in Hermanus and the emergency authorities in the area have instructed the FNB Wines2Whales to stay away from the town.



This means that the race’s third stage from Oak Valley to Hermanus cannot take place as scheduled. Instead, the route team will be working through the night to set up a third stage starting and finishing at Oak Valley. As far as possible, the route will not use trails that have already been included in the event.


Race director Hendrico Burger said the FNB Wines2Whales regretted the development, but some of the protests were on the route to Hermanus “and we obviously cannot jeopardise the safety of our riders”.


Race managing director Michael Flinn added: “The route tomorrow will be an excellent and fun one and we are looking forward to greeting all the riders in style at Oak Valley at the finish of their 2018 FNB Wines2Whales.”


This afternoon the Head of Overberg disaster management, Reinhart Geldenhuys, advised the race against finishing in Hermanus.


A section of the R43 near Hermanus has been closed by burning tyres and rocks in the road. Anybody driving in the area has been advised to follow instructions from traffic officials.


The route team began working immediately on the new route, which will be approximately 55km. The stage will start at 8:30am.


Vehicles that have been taken to Hermanus by the Rotary shuttle service will be brought back via a safe route tomorrow. Burger appealed to riders to be patient if vehicles were not back early.


LeoKnight, Nov 03 2018 08:41

Ok so things have not gone so smooth this year for them and most due to stuff out of their control. Wished for them a nicer way to celebrate the 10th year

Bonus, Nov 03 2018 08:59

Sounds like they are doing everything they can under difficult circumstances. Safety has to come first and hopefully everyone will come away having enjoyed the stage and the day.

LeoKnight, Nov 03 2018 09:13

Think this year it already took longer for them to sell out, with the challenges (all out of their control), it might mean that people will be a bit more hesitant to sign up next year (if it follows the same trend as the CTCT), which is a shame for such a well oiled (or lubed) race

Chris Newby-Fraser, Nov 04 2018 01:50

This is the type of undisciplined mob rule that causes systems to collapse. Hermanus has lost substantial income thanks to these rioting morons. Will W2W possibly have a re-think about using the town in future, or perhaps even the Epic may avoid it. Long term effects are job losses by the poor,due to violent protest by....the poor. Just provex the point many have made. Politicians, both at the top or grassroots level, really don't care about the people.