SP Connect Smart Phone Mounting System

SP Connect is arguably the world’s most versatile smart phone mounting system. The basis of the product line is a multi-functional, protective phone case with an integrated mounting system. Using a secure 90° twist-to-lock system, the mounting possibilities are nearly limitless.


Bikalot has recently taken on the distribution of the brand, which has been very well received in the market thus far. Beginning with the cycling specific mounting system, Bikalot now also brings in various options for cars, motorcycles, fitness and everyday use applications.


SP Bike 1.jpeg
SP Fitness 1.jpeg
SP Car 1.jpeg
SP Moto Mount 1.jpeg


The phone cover of the SP Connect system is unique in that the mounting system is so sleek and integrated that the cover can easily be used in everyday use. Whilst not compromising on a stylish finish, the cover also offers substantial protection to phone drops.


Phone covers for various iPhone, Samsung and Huawei mobile phones are now readily available, model dependent, as well as two different universal mounting options.


The bike bundles include a phone case, weather cover, two mounts and additional accessories. Also available are moto bundles, phone cases and stand-alone mounts.


SP iPhone 6_6S_7_8 & 6+_6S+_7+_8+.jpeg


In regards to security of the phone case locking onto the bike, Bikalot has also been impressed with the SP Connect system. Chris Wolhuter from Bikalot commented that he has tested the system on his own bike over the Coronation Double Century last year, down the Tokai Downhill course and on a 100-mile gravel bike trip. No phones were lost or harmed in the process.


SP BIke 2.jpeg


The SP Connect System has been particularly well received by:

  • Cyclists on e-bikes using their phones to control power output and manage battery levels.
  • Riders using apps such as Strava to record their activities.
  • Commuters and touring cyclists who use the mapping function on their phones.


DieselnDust, Mar 06 2019 10:53

options for SONY Xperia?

Jaquesdp, Mar 11 2019 11:41

can replace my edge 520 with just my smartphone :-)

Bikalot.com, Mar 11 2019 12:14

options for SONY Xperia?

Sorry unfortunately we don't have a phone case option yet, but you could look at one of the universal options

Either this: https://www.bikalot....=14137556893794


or this: https://sp-connect.c...phone-mount-set this has just arrived so we haven't uploaded to our site yet.