The Salvage Thread

Eldron's Photo Eldron 08 Jul 2015

Building and servicing bikes means loads of left overs that can't really be used so I figured a Salvage Thread might work.

The idea is that any parts, goodies, thingymabobs that you have lying around that can't really be sold but take up space should be posted here.

The rules:
No cash changes hand - smarties, craft beer, big up on thehub, firm hand shake and verbal thanks are all legal tender.
No being a douche and taking items then reselling (not sure most items will be resellable!).
Don't clutter the thread with useless banter - it's just going to make finding stuff tougher.
I'm gonna leave the items on for 1 month then toss them - your own timing is up to you.
Ummm that is all.

Here is my current list:
Giant TCR Advanced Frame: frame and fork are farked (thank you blind driver) but seat post and head parts hanger etc could be useful.
Oooold Hayes Sole Brakes - some genius put mineral oil in the system so it aint great but levers caliper etc can be salvaged.
Shimano triple square taper crank and bb. Drive side pedal thread is farked but everything else is good.

Let me know if/what you want and its yours. Gratis, free, for nothing, mahala etc.


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Slowbee's Photo Slowbee 08 Jul 2015

topic pinned




NixM's Photo NixM 08 Jul 2015

Nice idea, upcycling / recycling rather than filling up the trash heaps!


Oracle BoB's Photo Oracle BoB 08 Jul 2015

Great idea! What about a swop system? as an example if i have a frame lying around and someone has a set of wheels - straight swop


GregM's Photo GregM 08 Jul 2015

great Idea

i have a tonne of bits and pcs from frames Road,mtb and even BMX down to stems posts ad BB's

will take pics tonight and post tomorrow


Guest_notmyname_* 08 Jul 2015

Lekker thread. I hope build a bike benefits from this awesome idea. GREAT STUFF ELDRON.
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Erroli8a8's Photo Erroli8a8 08 Jul 2015

I am looking for old cassettes and chain rings. broken ones.

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popcorn_skollie's Photo popcorn_skollie 08 Jul 2015


165mm i2i


I have this thing. Its 'new' and unused. But must have been stashed for over a year.

Got it from my folks in Oz for an experiment that just never materialized (don't ask) Maybe it can be of use to someone.

I like coffee beans and other stuff too


G00SE's Photo G00SE 08 Jul 2015

Awesome Idea, i'm going to go scratch through my "spares" box tonight!


Allrounder's Photo Allrounder 08 Jul 2015

And if shipping gets involved?

Grebel's Photo Grebel 08 Jul 2015

Salvager's expense but I would assume collection is preferred?


Grebel's Photo Grebel 08 Jul 2015

There is a similar idea on the 4x4 Community Forum. "The give it away before I toss it" thread. Mostly collections or other forum members offering transport when they go on holiday/business etc.


N+1's Photo N+1 08 Jul 2015

Great idea. :thumbup:


Davedk's Photo Davedk 08 Jul 2015

Fantastic idea. My garage needs a clean.

divernick's Photo divernick 09 Jul 2015

Awesome idea! I'll have a look as well. I get many parts donated to Build-a-Bike that I don't end up using.


Cycling shoes, stems, clipless pedals etc.


I'll try and make time this weekend to make a list.


If anyone has MTB frames, forks and cranks, please let me know as I have a list of guys waiting for bikes.




Eldron's Photo Eldron 09 Jul 2015

Nick at build a bike is a worthy receiver of all bike goods. The man does some awesome charity work!