The New Niner SIR 9 Hardtail

gummibear's Photo gummibear 19 Jun 2017

Niner just resurrected the popular SIR 9 hardtail MTB and it was well worth the wait. Use this bike as a 29r or 27.5+ shred sled, or load it up with bikepacking bags, by utilizing its 18 mounting options. These boosted bikes are available as completes or as framesets. Holler at your local Niner dealer for ordering and see more information at Niner! If you’d like to see the fully gallery of images, check them out below.











Monark's Photo Monark 19 Jun 2017


Rob Mortimer's Photo Rob Mortimer 19 Jun 2017

EBB compatible, if you choose to go single speed


dirkieuys's Photo dirkieuys 19 Jun 2017

Take my money!!!

gummibear's Photo gummibear 19 Jun 2017

Uses the BioCentric 30 BB for SS use.


BaGearA's Photo BaGearA 19 Jun 2017

I just made A mess in my pants  :drool:


Christie's Photo Christie 19 Jun 2017

Love this frame.( I would have bought one if I could find one 2 years ago, but stock was "on the way in a container".)

Pah Bear's Photo Pah Bear 19 Jun 2017

Enjoying my EMD9er.


KurtP's Photo KurtP 19 Jun 2017

New: tapered headtube, internal cable routing for dropper post, boost spacing on rear hub, ROS9 chainstay design, oh and a gizillion mounting option. I like.

gummibear's Photo gummibear 20 Jun 2017

Key Tech Specs
  • 73mm PF30 BB shell (adaptors required for BSA type BBs)
  • Compatible with Biocentric 30 for singlespeed use
  • 30.9 seat post
  • 31.8 seat collar
  • 34.9 front derailleur clamp
  • 1.125” X 1.5” Tapered zero stack head tube, 44mm upper, 56mm lower, cane creek description: ZS44/28.6 ZS56/40
  • 34.9 Side swing, front pull front derailleur
  • Post mount disc brake – 180mm max rotor size 
  • All sizes have 2 inner triangle bottle mounts, 1 mount under down tube
  • Can fit up to a 29×2.4 or 27.5×3.0 tire (tire sizes vary by brand, some tires may not fit) 
  • Compatible with standard 1x (36t max), 2x and 3x systems

Velouria's Photo Velouria 20 Jun 2017

It looks like a mutant with that small blade on the front and the dinner plate on the back!