Suggested places to visit in Mpumalanga

Connection's Photo Connection 11 Sep 2017

Hi all, this is very vaguely cycling related (as I will have a bike or 3 with me when we go on this holiday!)


We are taking off a few days from 22 September.  That weekend, we are staying at a place near Lothair with friends.  They're heading back to Joeys on Monday but we've taken the whole week off.   


My question is does anyone have suggestions as to good areas/specific places to go from Monday to Saturday?  We considered going to Kaapschehoop which I am lead to believe is a lovely little town.  Graskop and the Blyde River Canyon area was also suggested. 


We have 2 kids - 5 and 8.  We enjoy outoors, exploring, fishing, cycling (had to throw that in :-)) and visiting interesting shops like craft markets etc. 


If anyone knows the area and can make some suggestions on options, I'd appreciate the advice. 


Other towns:

* Sabie

* Hazyview

* Dullstroom




Engel-a's Photo Engel-a 11 Sep 2017

Sabie has the most beautiful, awesome trails I've ever ridden! You won't be disapointed...

Pieter1's Photo Pieter1 12 Sep 2017

Is Pilgrims rest still a place? Gods window was nice. Last time I was there it was filthy but maybe they are looking after it again. Is it Mac Mac pools? If I remember correctly its a river with waterfalls and pools. Had fun there as kids, don't know how it is now. The Nelspruit botanical gardens are pretty neat.
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peetwindhoek's Photo peetwindhoek 12 Sep 2017

Closer to Ermelo is a guesthouse (farm) called Kralinbergh. They recenlty built a 5km trail. Sounds awesome.

Tolderia dam is another one. That is where the mieliepop festival is held. Fishing, cycling etc.

teampeanut's Photo teampeanut 12 Sep 2017

Tranquilitas Adventure Farm close to Waterval Boven is also very nice.  


ians's Photo ians 12 Sep 2017

Try Mankele bike park, about 30km outside Nelspruit. SA MTB champs were held there earlier this year, great trails. You can also camp or stay in chalets.


dave303e's Photo dave303e 12 Sep 2017

mankele- mtb and river tubing

tranquilitas in Waterval Boven(can also rock climb)

dullstroom(fishing and cycling is good)



GrumpyOldGuy's Photo GrumpyOldGuy 13 Sep 2017

I only saw this now but I used to enjoy going to Crystal Springs just a short drive UP a huge mountain from Pilgrims rest. Nice hiking trails with some wild life to view, a SPA for the wife and heated pools so the kids can swim, even in mid winter. 


There is also a lot of other stuff to entertain, tennis, trampolines etc and a comfy restaurant if you feel like it.


The accommodation is nice and varied to suit everyone and they views at night from your porch while you toss a few chops on the braai are spectacular. 


I used to cycle around the gravel roads in the lodge and sometimes go out on the road and do a nice spin down the mountain to Pilgrims Rest then slog my way back up again and dive into the hot pool. Its a few years back now so I dont know if its still safe to ride around the roads there but I am sure you can enquire.  


Last time I was in Pilgrims rest it was a bit shabby and I thought much the same of the Mac Mac falls and the Mac Mac pools, of course it may have changed so dont take my word on it now, Gods window isnt far and its a nice view but honestly I would just loaf in the lodge.  :)


A nice second choice is the resort at the Forever resort at Blyde River canyon,  it doesn't have a hot pool as far as I can remember but its very kid friendly and there are nice hiking trails with great views, its a nice place to just relax for a few days. You will enjoy both I recon. I know I did. 


nickc's Photo nickc 13 Sep 2017

Merry Pebbles at Sabie. Nice chalets, stunning grounds and quite a few trails start from there.

Warthog's Photo Warthog 13 Sep 2017

Kaapschehoop is very cool, very nice cycling, but except for that and maybe some hiking, not really a holiday town. Nice place for stopover - I heard the hotel has a new 5star chef...


Sabie kind of very central for lots of places, God's Window, Graskop, Pilgrims, etc. Merry Pebbles real family place.


Dullstroom awesome. Lots of gravel to cycle, cool places to eat, fishing, beautiful golf course, and the Birds of Prey centre is worth a visit, especially for the kids.


Think you can build nice trip around that.


Pieter1's Photo Pieter1 13 Sep 2017

Merry Pebbles at Sabie. Nice chalets, stunning grounds and quite a few trails start from there.

Forgot about this place. Can you still fish there?

corriekuilder's Photo corriekuilder 13 Sep 2017

Do yourself a favor, while on the road in MP,google map a little place called Potluck boskombuis, it's on the road to Bourke's luck potholes. Stop there for lunch,have a cold one and relax. Have a look at their facebook page. It's one of our favourite places when at Mary pebbles.

Blitzer's Photo Blitzer 13 Sep 2017

I actually know Lothair and Chrissiesmeer .Your kids will like Badplaas  . .Tranquilitas is worth staying at and both are  close to Dullstroom .There is plenty to do in that area  

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Carpediem's Photo Carpediem 13 Sep 2017

Harry's Pancakes in Graskop

GrumpyOldGuy's Photo GrumpyOldGuy 16 Sep 2017

I actually know Lothair and Chrissiesmeer .Your kids will like Badplaas  . .Tranquilitas is worth staying at and both are  close to Dullstroom .There is plenty to do in that area  

Aaah Yes, I forgot about Badplaas, ideal for kids, I last went years ago but it was great fun, nice hot pools and the thermal springs were wonderful, they also have plenty of pools dont they, I think at least 5 or 6 so theres one for everyone.


I cant remember well but isnt it a bit far to drive from the scenic areas like Gods window?,...cant really remember now, but still, I would just swim in the thermal springs all day. :lol: