Building a Gravel Bike

Chingy182's Photo Chingy182 13 Sep 2017

Hi Hubbers


I would like to add a second bike to my existing mtb, so I've been conflicted on getting a road bike as I like going off road. 


This has led to me to think that a Gravel bike should offer me the best of both worlds.

I am pretty keen to look into building the bike up with spare parts, etc as your standard gravel bikes are pretty pricey.


Considering that I want to use the bike then for road events too, how would I go about building the bike?

Basically, do I look to run mtb components or road bike components?

I'm a bit stumped about the road bike components, but gravel bikes being disc brakes.


I would like to get this done for under R10k if that is even possible?


Looking forward to some insights and feedback


Cyclewizz's Photo Cyclewizz 13 Sep 2017

There's a thread on here already with lots of info.

Can't remember the title but try searching monster bike / cyclo cross and it should find it.


A few hubbers have posted their bike's on there and there's some info as well.


Chingy182's Photo Chingy182 13 Sep 2017



Much appreciated  :thumbup:


Slowbee's Photo Slowbee 13 Sep 2017

Thanks Cyclewizz.


Lets close this down and keep things tidy.