Rook cycles

Joebike's Photo Joebike 13 Sep 2017

Anyone riding these bikes? And if so ,how do you find them?

ChrisF's Photo ChrisF 13 Sep 2017

Just too many hills along my commute ....


But is does look like a no-nonsense FUN bike ...




Started out with a back-pedal .... so it does pluck some hart-strings ....  though today I might add that back-brake option


J∆kk∆ls's Photo J∆kk∆ls 13 Sep 2017

I love a back pedal brake. It gives me the opportunity to eat a croissant on my way to where ever and I can brake/slowdown without having to put my hands on the bars. 


Iwan Kemp's Photo Iwan Kemp 14 Sep 2017

Had an article on them last week in case you missed it. Link to it HERE




DragoRosso's Photo DragoRosso 14 Sep 2017

Hi tensile steel frames mean heavy as hell. I have the same in the form of an SE Lager. But when it's flat, it doesn't matter.