The Argus Cycle Tour: Total Ascent?

Tiny K's Photo Tiny K 24 Feb 2012

The attached map shows total climbing of 1570m for the Argus route. I've seen 938m on Mapmyride Is there any consensus on this question?

about 1200 should be correct

I got 1202m from my edge 800 stats from last year.

Tiny K's Photo Tiny K 24 Feb 2012


My Garmin 705 shows 1202.

So, what's the final verdict?
How much climbing will 35 000 plus riders do in a few weeks?

Or will it take two years, aka Contador's court case, to get the right answer out of you bunch?

We have consensus - I got the same reading for last year's Argus.

'Dale's Photo 'Dale 24 Feb 2012