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Mean Machines( Great Shop )

Alain's Photo Alain 29 Jul 2011

Hey guy and girls

Just a quick heads up on a little hidden Treasure Cove of a bike shop in Germiston called Mean machines
( 011)8254621

George has been in the game for over 30years and still does all repairs HIMSELF. I had a dust seal messup on my Gippemmie wheels where I put the seal on the wrong side of the freebody and torqued the sucker up thus killing the seal. Spent a whole day trying to fing a matching seal no luck, went past George and the 30 years in the game showed.
No stress he took the messed seal and a punch and rubber hammer bashed it back into shape trimmed it and knocked it back into place.Problem solved.

please support this shop as I can promise you if you in the Retro bike game this place is for you, classic frames and parts laying all over the place some used but alot of new Shimano NOS stuff.

Thats my 2c

scotty's Photo scotty 29 Jul 2011

Yeah Dr Geroge (he really has a doctorate,i think in engineering) is very good. His shop display appears a bit cluttered when you walk in but he has a good tech work area. One of the best wheel builders in SA he often gets wheels in from other bike shops to repair.

Alain's Photo Alain 29 Jul 2011

Hey Scotty,

yep shop looks a bit out of order but the man knows his stuff, that Doctorate is in Mathematics..........

Hey does know his way around wheels.


CAAD4's Photo CAAD4 29 Jul 2011

What's the address Alain?

W1Z@RD's Photo W1Z@RD 29 Jul 2011

He still around??? I grew up in Germiston and remember going to take my BMX to get punctures fixed by him and use to perve at the racing bikes... he had the best stuff - wow this was over 20 years ago!

Alain's Photo Alain 29 Jul 2011

What's the address Alain?

Cnr President str & Oosthuizen str. Just next to the entrance to the flats on Oosthuizen. knock the door is always locked.

SwissVan's Photo SwissVan 29 Jul 2011

Yep George is good, he straightened a bent frame for me once amongest a few other minor miracles.

Reminds me a bit of a nutty professor but he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can only be gained by many years in the business.

Agter os's Photo Agter os 03 Aug 2011

Hey Scotty, Spoke to George myself and asked him about the doctorate - he is a MEDICAL Doctor according to him.

Must admit, a little bit of a sad case, as he seems to sleep at the back of his shop? Went accross one morning early and still caught him in sleeping gear. Looking for some tyres and saw the (unmade) bed at the back


But, yes, it is a little treasure shop that one!

HeartCoppi's Photo HeartCoppi 03 Aug 2011

I agree, this man is a wonderful gentleman.
I also recently met him for the first time and am amazed with his story and his passion.
Probably the best wheel builder in the country.