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Hi Hubbers!

We NEED much love from you, we are printing the Bicycle Portraits book this December and still require a fair bit of loot. We are self publishing and raising the funds through the community by pre-orders of the project.

You can order your copy for a special pre-launch price and help us reach our print run goal. You will have your books February 2012.



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We are very fortunate to be in a collaboration with artist Gabrielle Raaff who painting watercolor maps for each of the portraits! The maps are not to show the location of the person as much at it is to give a feeling of the surroundings.

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There are also other rewards up for grabs:

The $250 reward inlcudes a unique 8' x 10' signed BICYCLE PORTRAITS portrait-with-map print. Maps are by artist Gabrielle Raaff.

So if you are looking for christmas presents we can always send you a print from the project this December or immediately of you order via EFT.

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The $750 reward includes one of 5 unique limited-edition hand-woven Eddy Merckx portraits made by Tumi's Bicycle Club in Lesotho...

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Remember to order your copy, the earlier the better for us! If we do not reach the target on Kickstarter then there will be no funds through them.


thanks to all of you who have already ordered through the previous Kickstarter campaigns.

As a last thought, included here is the most beautiful racer we found...

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See some details of the bike over here on facebook
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AWSOME AWSOME project: great to see the true nature of our two wheeled friends exposed..

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UPDATE, we are on 30% with 17 days to go!

Also, see some of the portraits in high res here:


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Great post about Bicycle Portraits, thanks Miss Moss!


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Article on Bikeradar.com


Great to see some international exposure, there has been about 75 backers so far and we gather about 25 of them are South African.

We are on 40% with 15 days to go. Remember to reserve your copy and help us make this book all it can be - www.bicycleportraits.co.za

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Bicycle Portraits TEDx talk - 'Maputo to Delmas'

Pieterg's Photo Pieterg 29 Nov 2011


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Hi Hubber people.

We need you to help out, please spread the word for Bicycle Portaits. Please tweet & Facebook about it.

We have 7 days to go and are only on 56%.

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Have a look at the project and order your book here:

Also, share/follow here...



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Slow going on kickstarter - help us out, send it to all your cycle friends! 3 days to go!


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32 HOURS TO GO!!!!!!!


Help Hubbers help! - please send this along to anyone that might be interested (or everyone you know :)

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