Silverback 2012 Range

cwisking's Photo cwisking 16 Nov 2011

hey all,

what do you guys rate of the 2012 silverback range. im looking for a new upgrade next year and thinking of getting a 29'er, possibly one of the vida's, or mercury sport. anybody ridden one of these yet??

im looking at either
Vida 1


mercury comp.

jannosmit's Photo jannosmit 17 Nov 2011

Silverback is great value for money. I got my Giant 29er last night, I thought I was a Sram fan, but 2012 Shimano XT is frikken awesome!

Pieterg's Photo Pieterg 17 Nov 2011

Enjoy and I think Silverback is good value for money.I also need a new bike .Got only one problem Zim dollars :blink:

hboli4's Photo hboli4 17 Nov 2011

One thing they've got going for them is value for money. I just bought my girlfriend the Stride 10(entry level bike but fine for the type of riding she will be doing) and there is nothing else in that spec that is close price-wise. I've had my Silverback Sierra for 2.5 years now and very happy. You won't go wrong.

Audible Anarchy's Photo Audible Anarchy 17 Nov 2011

the silverbacks are very underrated - great bikes for the money,cant go wrong.

Pieter1's Photo Pieter1 17 Nov 2011

the silverbacks are very underrated - great bikes for the money,cant go wrong.


Pieterg's Photo Pieterg 17 Nov 2011

Did you get prices on them ,Where will you buy and do they have stock

cwisking's Photo cwisking 17 Nov 2011

i stay in durbs, so the only place i know is Urban Cycles in umgeni road. no prices yet, i think i should phone them quickly...

SA has a huge Giant clan, but i dnt know what it is, they just do not appeal to me, the anthem looks nice, but not enough for me to buy one. Merida as well, same story.

cwisking's Photo cwisking 17 Nov 2011

Phoned them, no prices for 2012 stock, apparently the stock hasnt arrived @ the docks yet... :thumbdown:

Dubber's Photo Dubber 15 Dec 2011

Prices (and bikes I assume ;) ) are available at cyclefactory for those in CT. The Vida's start at R5.5k up to R9.3k. http://cyclefactory....silverback.html
I'm also looking for a new weapon. At the moment I'm considering the GT Karakoram 1.0 , the Scott Scale Team and now the Vida 3. (All around the R9k price mark).
I'm trying to get a ride on each one before making my final deceision - not sure if all models are in stock though. But in terms of components, anyone have a view on which offers best value for money?

Iwan Kemp's Photo Iwan Kemp 15 Dec 2011

I thought I was a Sram fan, but 2012 Shimano XT is frikken awesome!

Riding full 2012 XT 2 x 10 on Anthem 29er and 2 x 9 SRAM XO on my Mojo...Shimano will have to go a long way still to rival SRAM's shifting under load and virtual maintenance free setup.

zaShadow's Photo zaShadow 05 Jan 2012

Any idea when the 2012 Silverback range will be out? Most other brands have been out for some time now.

Duathlete007's Photo Duathlete007 05 Jan 2012

You would be able to get prices of any model at all the Silverback dealers

Skubarra's Photo Skubarra 05 Jan 2012

Upgraded to a Silverback Spectra 3 yesterday. So I guess I'm forced to say I rate them :thumbup:

In my unashamedly biased opinion they are much better value for money than the "bigger" brands if you are looking to spend less than R10K on a bike.

Btw - the prices on the cycle factory website are a good indication, but if you ask around a little you could get them for cheaper.
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HJV1999's Photo HJV1999 06 Jan 2012

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cwisking's Photo cwisking 12 Jan 2012

ive checked out the vida range at my LBS, and i tell you, compared to the scotts, merida, they are definitely the better spec'd and priced out of the lot. and in the flesh that vida1 looks amazing!!

i was looking at the scott elite as well. but wanted to upgrade the crank to a speed xt crank, but the oke in the shop didnt sound too keen on the idea. he's like i dnt think you would be able to push the gears!.. wtf.

anyways im supa keen on the vida. wanna take one for a test ride soon soon. anyone actually bought one of them yet?