LOOK695's Photo LOOK695 05 Jul 2012

Here are some pics of the new Time frame. What do you guys think? IMG_8873.JPG IMG_8882.JPG IMG_8787.JPG IMG_8861.JPG IMG_8867.JPG IMG_8863.JPG

Cav''s Photo Cav' 05 Jul 2012

WoW very nice !!!

Pieterg's Photo Pieterg 05 Jul 2012

Nice,Very Very Nice

101SCC's Photo 101SCC 08 Jul 2012

Not sure on the 'fin' behind the head tube, but as good as they always are.

bontie's Photo bontie 08 Jul 2012

I have always liked the time frame, but their sizing is very strange - They have veeerrrryyyy long top tubes. A size Medium has an effective 56cm tt? So little people will struggle to fit on a Time, or end up fitting a 6-7cm stem...I think that will affect how it rides.

Do you have geometry for this?

I looks pretty good though...

Cippo's Photo Cippo 08 Jul 2012

Vely vely nice!