Chain Worx cycles Umhlanga - great service...

mtbvip's Photo mtbvip 25 Aug 2012

I am in KZN (from Jhb) for the UWCT finals, and walked into the relatively new "Chain Worx Cycles" in Umhlanga to have my tires inflated (too much of a hassle to take a floor pump on the plane). I was very impressed with their friendly service and great looking shop - lots of beautiful high end bikes and accessories. Thanks guys, your shop should do really well!

camerons's Photo camerons 25 Aug 2012

Yes! I only discovered this shop last week. Awesome stock and awesome dudes running it. I wish them the success they deserve.

Smolly's Photo Smolly 25 Aug 2012

Jono helped me ship a bike up here which I didn't purchase in his shop! Great people!

flyguysa's Photo flyguysa 25 Aug 2012

Awesome shop, awesome service! Jade and Jono are always keen to help and the shop is well stocked. They get :thumbup: :thumbup: (and my hard earned cash in various quantities) from me!

Boobear's Photo Boobear 25 Aug 2012

Well done guys keep up the good work

Monark's Photo Monark 27 Aug 2012

Where about is the shop?

flyguysa's Photo flyguysa 27 Aug 2012

In the Checkers centre, just behind Hooters....

chain worx's Photo chain worx 11 Jul 2013

Thank you for the positive and friendly feedback.
Great to hear you guys are enjoying our store.
Please do pop in, even if its just to say Hi or for a cup of coffee.
@ 51 Umhlanga Plaza, 4 lagoon Drive, umhlanga rocks.

Rich's Photo Rich 11 Jul 2013

I can vouch for their great service.

As we were leaving for Sani we discovered my partners frame was cracked. Took it in to them and 2 hours later they had given us a new frame off their floor (upgrade too) and built up the bike for us.

Big points for them and BMC.

Dustbug's Photo Dustbug 12 Jul 2013

Their service is excellent and very helpful with lots of stock on hand so you always find what you want, they have happily exchanged parts that I bought incorrectly or did not fit with the intended result without hesitation, great service guys many thanks

LukeV-2's Photo LukeV-2 12 Jul 2013

Yes they're great!! :) Pity they are 600km away, but they have helped me a lot, even from JHB.

Chro Mo's Photo Chro Mo 12 Jul 2013

+1 - my only go-to shop in Durban now.

Nice vibe - friendly and accommodating - nothing is a problem.

along with BigWheelMTB in Howick, I think you would struggle to find better service.

TopFuel's Photo TopFuel 16 Jan 2014

Excellent service from these chaps. Great price, great service and happy to accommodate a customer's specific needs. Top quality guys! Keep it up.

Sarge's Photo Sarge 17 Jan 2014

Hi guys,
Hell it is great to have some positive feedback instead of complaints about service at a LBS.
I presume 1/2 the locals know the shop because of the location - behind Hooters (where is Checkers??).

Jva's Photo Jva 17 Jan 2014

Ha, just found another reason to travel to Natal, got to love great service.

Aurora's Photo Aurora 17 Jan 2014

Great bunch of guys, great workshop and great shop all round.