18 Sep - AUCTION! Rudy Project Rydon C...

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Rudy Project Rydon (Comrades 2011 Edition) with ImpactX Photochromic clear lenses!

We have 10 pairs on auction!!

Auction starts NOW and ends TONIGHT at 23:59
*bids placed at 23:59 and later will not be accepted as it has to be placed BEFORE 23:59

Recommended Retail: R1700!!

- 10 Rydon Comrades Edition with ImpactX photochromic lenses will be auctioned off
- There will be a reserve price of R800 each
- The 10 highest unique bids will be the winning bids and will be contacted tomorrow morning
- Should the winning bidders not go through with the deal, the second highest bidders will be contacted
- Free shipping anywhere in SA
- Posts that have been "edited" will be voided immediately (please re post your new amount should you have edited your post)
- Bid increments: R10