MTB group Harties

CognitoErgoSum's Photo CognitoErgoSum 11 Jan 2014

I saw a group of MTB'ers leaving Harties this morning. Do anyone have details on the group? What time do they normally leave? The distances they go? Novice or pro's? May I join?


JA-Q001's Photo JA-Q001 11 Jan 2014

Its Trinity cycles' groop. They cater for all types. Go by the cycle shop sometime or check on their website I think, or just use google. In summer they mostly leave at 6.

Ice Queen's Photo Ice Queen 13 Jan 2014

Good Morning,

Please feel free to join our Harties Cycling Club Groups. We have rides, both road and MTB every Saturday and the rides are communicated via e-mail normally on Wednedsay / Thursday.

You can contact us on:

and provide us with your e-mail address and we can send you all the info that you need to know. Its a great oppertunity to meet with other riders and partner with them during the week.

Our MTB rides are as follows:

Mountain Bike:
Start 06:00am from Trinity Cycles (please arrive 10 min before start time)
Trinity Cycles offers three diffrent group rides depending on the amount of riders that arrive on the day:
Beginners :
10km - 15km -20km
Approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours
Distance time and route will depending on the level of the riders for the day
Intermediate: 25km – 35km
Approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours
For the not too slow and the not too fast, with mix of manageable technical areas, hills and district road riding
Advance technical fast: 40km – 50km
Approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours
Fitness, good technical abilities necessary

All groups are led by a rider that is knowledgeable of riding areas in Hartbeespoort.
Group rides are paced by the slowest rider in the group, so that we remain together for security and safety.

Safe Cycling!