Lyne Components Pulse Crankset

Dust46's Photo Dust46 24 Nov 2016

Hi Hubbers,


I have been looking for a new 1 X crankset and stumbled across the Lyne Components Pulse Crankset, I have heard only good things about there dropper posts and am curious about the crank as the price is really great. 


Does anyone have any experience with this crankset, how do the chainrings hold up?

Any input can help me make a decision.


Thank you in advance for the help.


shaper's Photo shaper 24 Nov 2016

link?  Edit: found their ad on the hub

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Dust46's Photo Dust46 24 Nov 2016

Sorry, please see the link below.


BTW they retail for R1699 including BB.


lerouc's Photo lerouc 24 Nov 2016

wonder if they are doing black friday tomorrow?


Jewbacca's Photo Jewbacca 24 Nov 2016

They are awesome...


If you look on their webside and Insta you might see them being installed and ridden on a powder blue piece of art by Dave Mercer and ridden by a pudgy winter bear with a pink helmet... that is my bike and the pudgy winter bear is me.


The cranks are rad. They really are. The chainring is holding up as well as anything I have ever ridden and the service from the guys is awesome.


I really can highly recommend them.


Also running one of their internally routed droppers and it is still smooth as silk and screaming for the trails.


Waiting for the oversized Stem and Bars coming soon and things will be peachy......


daniemare's Photo daniemare 21 Apr 2017


Link to my experience buying this