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Cycling strategy games

DJTerblanche's Photo DJTerblanche 04 Apr 2018

Hey Guys,


I guess you already like cycling if you are reading this. So if you like strategy games then check out

I played this game for a few years, and now I am restarting and would like to get a few south africans on the game. I joined the Aussie nation (unfortunately no sa nation yet) and a few dutch managers also joined over time and it is a really nice group. So come and join. 


The game does not take alot of time, there is two races a day and you can set the strategy (5 segments to put in "effort" points) before the time. So you can play with 15min per day or an hour once a week if you wish.



Aurora Australis's Photo Aurora Australis 04 Apr 2018

DJTerblanche (or Boertjies - Dirk as we know him) suggested one of us should comment here to encourage you guys to play CFF.

I'm Australian, from Brisbane to be more accurate.  Never been to South Africa, but plenty of South Africans have come here to live (you possibly know of somebody - I personally know of a couple).  Statistically, immigrants from South African have the equal 2nd lowest rate rate, and equal 2nd best income/participation rates of any immigrant nationality in Australia, and so, with those from South Africa I do know, if any of you wanted to immigrant anywhere, I'd recommend you coming here.  Culturally, Australia is possibly the closest non-African equivalent to South Africa, just with lower crime rate, no water shortage, and a few other things.

Anyway CFF game.  If any of you want to play an online cycling game, then you'll be welcome at CFF.  If you do come, there's plenty of us you could ask advice from, WinterIsComing (WiC), Sportlife (Vos), OffTheFront (DJTerblanche - Boertjies), myself (Aurora Australis).