First woman to cycle around Africa

jolandie.rust's Photo jolandie.rust 23 Aug 2010

In 2004, I cycled through Israel.

In March 2008 I cycled solo from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

On 3 October 2009, I launched to circumnavigate South Africa, solo, thereby being the first woman ever to do so! This trip was in order to raise enough awareness and funds for me to live my dream of becoming the first woman to cycle around the entire African continent.

I arrived back in Johannesburg on Sunday 10 January 2010 having covered
5 951 km’s and 100 days on the road in my solo circumnavigation of South Africa. I also met some Hub members whilst on the road who stopped to chat and give me some well needed refreshments! :)

On 11-02-2011 I will launch from Cape Town to make my dream a reality!

Whilst I will be flying the ‘Proudly South African’ flag, be it that the Proudly South African campaign endorses this expedition; This is a solo journey: no back-up vehicles, no management team, no administrative office.
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rider#35's Photo rider#35 23 Aug 2010

good luck.

lots of it.

GuyP's Photo GuyP 24 Aug 2010

To be honest, I'm not sure whether it's lunacy or heroism - although gut feel tends heavily to the former - especially for a woman going solo through Africa, but best of luck to you! Otherwise, you seem to have the legs and the spirit which means you're almost there!

Eldron's Photo Eldron 24 Aug 2010

Have you read Riaan Manser's book?

Awesome and somewhat scary stuff!

Either way - enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!

scotty's Photo scotty 24 Aug 2010

Good luck, tad envious though.

Tumbleweed's Photo Tumbleweed 24 Aug 2010

You are likely to receive many replies here saying you're crazy. Well, crazy is cool! B) Look forward to following your progress.

Good luck!

Harry Potter's Photo Harry Potter 24 Aug 2010

Good luck. I hope you planned this well. I also hope that you will be remembered for this.

GuyP's Photo GuyP 24 Aug 2010

Jolandie, are you perhaps thinking of adding a fund-raising component to your adventure? A friend, Christina Franco, recently did a solo trip to the North Pole, raising awareness and funds for a medical condition during that arduous journey, besides the fact that it was her life dream to conduct that adventure.

Sarge's Photo Sarge 24 Aug 2010

The very best of everything to you on your adventure,
From somebody that would be too scared to try,

gongmech's Photo gongmech 24 Aug 2010

if you would like hubbers to join you for say 60km rides along the south african is the place to say so!!!!


GuyP's Photo GuyP 24 Aug 2010

if you would like hubbers to join you for say 60km rides along the south african is the place to say so!!!!


Nice one gongmech!

gongmech's Photo gongmech 24 Aug 2010

hey Hubbers. Jolandi also has a list of things she needs to make this trip successful on Facebook under discussions. And since we're a generous group..hint hint.

Nish4's Photo Nish4 24 Aug 2010

W O W. I wish you the best of luck and God speed.

DA\/ID's Photo DA\/ID 24 Aug 2010

Good luck and enjoy!

Ikonic's Photo Ikonic 24 Aug 2010

Best of luck, you are very brave!

jolandie.rust's Photo jolandie.rust 24 Aug 2010

Thank you for all the replies!!

Okay, who is Riaan Manser? .... LoL. KIDDING!!! Of course I've read his book. :P
People have been calling me crazy for the last three years now, so it's ok I'm used to it. :)

I have been planning this trip since end 2007, so yes alot of planning has gone into it. But then I also believe one should not 'over plan' something like this. Because it won't go according to plan.

I will post dates and the route up the west coast of SA closer to the time if anyone would like to join me. I am launching on the morning of 11th Feb 2011 from Cape Town. I will be travelling from CT on the N7 up to the Namibian border.

I will be having a fundraiser in October. I am planning on raising just enough money to cover my visa costs and some emergency money. Half of what I raise will go to the Stroke Survivors Foundation.

I will post more details on this soon as well.

In the meantime, thank you for all your input and messages of support! I really appreciate it!!!!